Sound Bites Weekend Cracker Promo

The Sound Bites kitchen is excited to announce our recently released line of crackers made with nearly 100% Washington-grown ingredients. We are baking several different crackers that make use of varietal grape seed oils from the Yakima Valley, as well as emmer, spelt, and whole wheat flours grown in Washington by organic or Food Alliance-certified growers.

Our first crackers include:

- Roasted Garlic Chardonnay Cracker: Made with organic emmer and spelt flours from Lentz Spelt Farm and a garlic-infused Chardonnay grape seed oil

- Cabernet Sauvignon Pepper Cracker: Made with organic emmer flour from Lentz Spelt Farm, pepper-infused Cabernet grape seed oil, and garnished with crushed black peppercorns

- Chardonnay Camelina Cracker: Made with organic emmer and spelt flours from Lentz Spelt Farm, a floral-infused Chardonnay grape seed oil, and garnished with organic camelina seeds

Memorize the sound bite, get something free!

Want free crackers? We’re giving away a bag of crackers with the purchase of a regularly priced bag of crackers when you repeat this week’s sound bite.

Sound Bite

Spelt is healthy!”
Spelt contains more protein than wheat, and the protein in spelt is easier to digest.
Head to your local farmers market and tell your Sound Bites rep. that “spelt is healthy.” You’ll enjoy two bags of hearty, healthy crackers for the price of one.

Our Markets:

Sound Bites Sauce & Spread Co. makes weekly appearances at the following markets:


Lake Forest Park



Gig Harbor






Seattle-Capitol Hill




Seattle-Columbia City

West Seattle

**New this week: Phinney Ridge & Meadowbrook

Something to think about…

Pesto! Our delicious summer pesto is on its way! It will be making its appearance at a farmers market near you soon!

Plain and simple: Come to the market, say the secret words, get a deal on some crackers!!!!


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