Tapechurri Sauce

(Click each picture to make it larger) It’s a mixture between a tapenade and a chimichurri. I couldn’t think of a better name so this is what you get for now! Ingredients: Fresh Parsley Fresh Oregano Fresh Aji Dulce (sweet pepper) Sweet Onion Fresh Garlic Black Olives Capers Chives Olive Oil White Balsamic Vinegar Mix […]

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Cooking is dangerous!!!

(Click each picture to make it larger) Chicks dig scars!!!! AMIRITE?!?!?! I’ve had a pretty bloody, bruisy, and burny weekend. Lots of cooking and a little damage to the left arm. No problem though, it never stopped me from doing my thing. Picture #1 happened while I was chopping down the 175 lbs. of pork. […]

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Smoked Chicken Thigh

(Click each picture to make it larger) Richard got a smoker for his birthday so we tested it out a couple weeks ago. This was also the same day I lost my camera so I finally found it and now am able to post these pictures! This was my first time smoking chicken thigh so […]

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Sooooooooooooie Caroline!!

(Click each picture to make it larger…….This is with my new fancy camera…….funny note:  I found my camera that I lost…..ta-da) North Carolina-Style Pig My friends, Fuzzy and Richard, told me they were going to be cooking a whole pig for a friend’s 50th wedding anniversary. I think before Richard finished saying, “we’re going to […]

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