Bacalaitos Fritos (Cod Fish Fritters)

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My mom made these and sent the recipe and pictures over to me to post on here. International recipe blogging at its finest! I love cod fish fritters, they are one of my favorite things to eat and I haven’t posted a recipe for them on here because Mom makes them best, why try to duplicate it or change it?

Here is her recipe:

Yesterday I made some bacalaitos fritos and here is the recipe

1 lb dried salty cod fish
1 pound of flour
three small sweet peppers (aji dulces)
two garlic cloves
fresh oregano
fresh cilantro
achiote oil   (annatto oil)
salt and pepper to taste
all purpose seasoning (adobo seasoning)

Soak the salty cod fish until it is tender and not too salty.  Shred it and set it aside.
Mix the flour with water until you have a good batter consistency (like a pancake mix).
Smash the garlic, oregano, cilantro and sweet peppers in a pilon (mortar and pestle)  and add it to the mix.  Add salt, pepper and all purpose seasoning to the mix and taste the batter.  Add more seasoning if needed.  Add some achiote oil for color (not too much so it doesn’t make the batter to oily). Stir in the cod fish and let stand aside for about and refrigerate for an hour.  You can fix the batter the day before and place it in the refrigerator for the next day.

When ready to fry, just heat canola oil, take a scoop and fry the darn things.  Good and yummy.

Try it and write your own recipe.

Yesterday I gave some to my neighbors and they loved them.



3 thoughts on “Bacalaitos Fritos (Cod Fish Fritters)

  1. Your mom makes beauties. That is for sure. Reminds m very much of the ones we ate as kids in St. Maarten every summer. GREG

  2. Man I also love them. Thanks…………I will be making them tomorrow for dinner. I also remember eating them as a kid………………Mom is in her years and doesn’t cook any more.

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