Roasted Chicken with a Mango/Togarashi Glaze with Ginger Rice and Yellow Bell/Carrot Topper

I had some of that honey mango puree leftover from the scallop “carpaccio” so I decided to make it into a glaze to put on some chicken.  “Wow Eric, you’re like McGyver in the kitchen without things going all explody time.

The glaze started off with a little chicken stock then I reduced it, added togarashi, added cornstarch then finally added the honey mango puree.  I used the glaze on the chicken and to cook the carrots and yellow bell pepper.

The carrots and yellow bell pepper were cooked in sesame oil on low heat then the glaze was introduced.  Carrots and bell, this is glaze. Glaze, this is carrots and bell.

I chopped up a bunch of ginger then used some sweet sushi rice and put it in the rice maker with a touch of salt.   If you eat this by itself then it’s nothing to write on a blog about but paired with carrots and yellow bell it’s quite amazing.

After the chicken was roasted I deglazed the pan with some whiskey then added some of the glaze to make the final sauce on the plate.

Green onions garnish, sauced plate, food is ready!


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