Built Burger (Seattle, WA)

Pioneer Square is under a culinary revival right now.  The last few restaurants that have opened their doors have been great, Delicatus and Tat’s Deli.  Pioneer Square is such a beautiful part of Seattle…..I realize not a lot of people think that way that live here but I have always been drawn to it. My mom used to work in that area back in the 90’s and my dad would usually park in the middle of nowhere so we could go to Mariners games and not have to worry about paying a billion dollars for parking.   These days I’m about 3/4 of a mile away from there when I’m at school so it’s a nice walk to places like these to get some great food action.  While there really hasn’t been much in that area over the past few years places like Delicatus, Tat’s, Salumi, and more have been attracting people back to Pioneer Square or as I called it in a previous post “Deli Square”.

Built Burger is a new burger place that makes the burger the star (I’m a big fan of that CLICK).  They don’t overload with you a ton of condiments or ingredients on the burger in order to hide the quality of the almighty beef.  The restaurant itself is small so when lunch time comes around run don’t walk!

I tried the Supreme Pastrami burger (pictured above with awesome cellphone camera picture) when I was there and it was very good. I can’t wait to try the Pinnacle Bacon Bleu or the other specials they have available (Chanterelle burger, Patty Melt, and a Hot Wing burger) .   Oh, I’ll be back for more!!

Built Burger (click)


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