Farm Boat (Puget Sound, WA)

About a month ago I checked out Farm Boat (forgot I was writing this post then I had to run out the door….one month later, here we are!). Farm Boat is a farmer’s market on a boat that travels up and down the Puget Sound (rhyming) and drops off lovely produce and culinary delights to […]

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Eric Rivera Live!

I was invited to do a cooking demonstration at the Queen Anne Farmers Market on August 5th.  I think you should be there too!  What am I going to cook?  I don’t know, that’s where you come into play.  Help me think of something fun to cook during the demonstration.  I have two hours to […]

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Sound Bites Weekend Cracker Promo

The Sound Bites kitchen is excited to announce our recently released line of crackers made with nearly 100% Washington-grown ingredients. We are baking several different crackers that make use of varietal grape seed oils from the Yakima Valley, as well as emmer, spelt, and whole wheat flours grown in Washington by organic or Food Alliance-certified […]

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