Smile for the camera!

(Click each picture to make it larger, I used my cell phone camera because Camera B ran out of juice) Sound Bites (click) asked me to make some food for a professional photo shoot for their press kits. I was a little nervous about the whole thing because I knew that the stakes were pretty […]

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Sound Bites Weekend Cracker Promo

The Sound Bites kitchen is excited to announce our recently released line of crackers made with nearly 100% Washington-grown ingredients. We are baking several different crackers that make use of varietal grape seed oils from the Yakima Valley, as well as emmer, spelt, and whole wheat flours grown in Washington by organic or Food Alliance-certified […]

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Eric’s Market Watch:

Come down to the Wallingford Farmers Market on Wednesday: Click for Information Then on Thursday come on down to the Bellevue Farmers Market:  Click for Information These are opening days for both markets!!!  Sample our Hummus, Chimichurri, and Crackers!!!!  Sound Bites I’ll be at both markets so come say hello (click) It’s a short week […]

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