Addo (Pop-Up Restaurant)

What is Addo?  It means inspire in Latin and it is also the name of my pop-up dinner series.

Addo is a pop-up dinner series that I will be holding here in Seattle in hopes of finding a permanent space for this concept to land.  I am constantly being asked by people why I don’t have my own restaurant so this is my way to make that happen.  I need to attract investors and people who can help me reach my dreams of creating a restaurant so here we go!

Please check out the following experiences.  New experiences to be added shortly. Please use the contact information below.

Space #1

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Two Seat Multi-Course Tasting Menu- This is a very unique and intimate experience with a fluid menu that changes every day.  What do you like to eat? What don’t you like to eat? Then I go from there with a bunch of curveballs thrown into the mix.  Typically, this menu is 10-12 courses and will take 55 minutes to 85 minutes.  The price for this is $125 per person and does not include tax, gratuity, or alcohol.

7/19 5:30 pm and 7:45 pm
7/20 5:30 pm and 7:45 pm
7/21 7:45 pm

7/26 7:45 pm
7/27 5:30 pm and 7:45 pm
7/28  SOLD OUT

Addo in your home?  Contact me directly for pricing

Space #2

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On July 23rd we will go to a different spot for a custom curated menu for the experience of al fresco dining.  This dinner is in collaboration with Chris Moore and Matt Miller.  They will both be moving to Berlin next year and have decided to partner with me in order to showcase an upcoming project they will be taking on once they move.

Chris is an expert in the beverage and wine business and has worked in various esteemed restaurants in Seattle.  I am going to be creating a 12 course menu that celebrates al fresco dining in Seattle and he will be pairing wines and some other beverages to full encompass this time and place.  He e is working with a few different wine purveyors that have their pulse on the eccentric wine world so there will definitely be some unicorn bottles floating around.

Pricing is $195 and will include the beverage pairing.   3 tickets remaining!

Space #3

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On July 29th I am collaborating with Scott Heimendinger (click) who is my best friend, total bad ass, and Technical Director at Modernist Cuisine who happens to make mind blowing cocktails.

We thought about it, talked about it, and are going to be doing a 12 course dinner for eight people featuring modern food techniques, by me, as well as exquisitely crafted cocktails by Scott.

The kitchen is set up like an arena and is a site to see so see it for yourself and book now.  Prices are $205 per person which includes alcohol and does not include tax or gratuity.  4 tickets remaining!

Email me to book for all of these events, always.

Upcoming –

Lechon – Traditional Puerto Rican Pork Dinner with Accompanying Dishes and Drinks.  Will be in West Seattle in August.







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